Top 5 Experiences in Bali


1. Balinese Barong or Kris Dance
The antithesis of Balinese mellow culture is Balinese dance. Enjoy the Barong dance where in the morning a loveable half-canine, half-lion creature called Barong overcomes the witch Rangda in a fight, saving the villages of Bali from evil spirits and symbolizing the triumph of good over evil.

2. The Artistic Town of Ubud
Touring Ubud was made famous in books and movies as the artistic heart of Bali but also for its compelling spiritual culture. The streets are lined with artful galleries where artists sell handmade good, silk goods and local crafts. You can also enjoy beautiful dance performances that showcase the island’s rich culture on nearly a dozen stages nightly. There are several museums exhibiting the works of traveler that have been inspired here throughout the years.

3. Lush Green Rice Fields

The hill valleys around Bali are decorated with ribbons of green curves that hug around hillsides crowned with coconut palms. The ancient rice terraces of Bali are as artful as they are elegant, and a timeless reminder to the Balinese farmers’ love and respect for the land. You may think that all rice terraces throughout the world are photogenic but of all of them, those in Bali are by far the most beautiful.

4. Amazing Diving in Bali
Swim with majestic sting rays and giant sunfish in the waters around Bali, or explore the 400-footlong USAT Liberty wreck at Tulamben, or be amazed by the diversity in corals around the entire island and take your time exploring one of Bali’s other excellent dive sites.

5. Learn to Surf in Kuta
If the center of Bali’s culture and artistry is in Ubud then its beach scene is in Kuta. The beaches are all here including trendy clubs and other hip and trendy entertainment. Kuta offers a good variety of surf lessons in Bali from beginner to expert. Since the Kuta beach is made of sand rather than coral, new riders don’t have to worry about getting hurt as they learn to surf. This provides a good opportunity for new riders to surf and after a day learning to ride a barrel, quench your thirst with fresh fruit drinks and a sunset on the beach.


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