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The Chinese New Year is celebrated in many countries around the world. Each new year is named after one of twelve animals with 2012 being the year of the dragon. But what can be better than to spend the up-coming 2012 lunar new year experiencing luxury travel in Hong Kong plus as an added bonus US passport holders don’t require a travel visa to visit Hong Kong. You can celebrate Chinese New Year festivals and experience the deep origins with the end-of-the-harvest celebrations that includes traditional Dim Sum breakfast consisting of dumplings served in mall steamer baskets, Chinese foods wrapped in lotus leaves, tea and much much more.

Join the local Chinese New Year Festivals in Hong Kong and experience what Hong Kong has to offer like the Midnight New Year’s Eve Flower Market Carnival. Tradition holds that flowers and plants in the home add beauty and good fortune so just before the Chinese New Year,  it’s common to gather fresh, “lucky” arrangements to display for the upcoming festivities. Many bustling flower markets are arranged in the weeks leading up to the first day of the new year. You can also experience the classic Chinese New Year Parade that showcases lion dancers, firecrakers and world class firework displays. You can experience all of this if you book your vacation with a luxury Asia travel agency who will put your entire stay together including airfare and 4-5 start hotel accommodations plus arrange all airport transfers and any extras tours such as visiting nearby destinations like Singapore, Bali, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Beijing or Shanghai.

Another great advantage of traveling to Hong Kong is that English is widely spoken throughout the island and by booking your trip with an Asia luxury travel agency

Experience Chinese New Year Festivals in Hong Kong

Experience Chinese New Year Festivals in Hong Kong

you can expect to celebreate the traditions of Hong Kong as if you were a local and that includes a traditional New Year’s Eve dinner. The New Year’s Eve dinner is very sumptuous and traditionally includes chicken and fish but there can be more. In some areas when fish is included, it is not eaten completely in tradition with the Chinese phrase “may there be surplus every year”. Red packets or envelopes are sometimes distributed during the dinner. These packets often contain money or chocolate coins in even numbers for good luck.

Once you’ve decided on your tour deal and have all your arrangements in order its time to start considering what to pack and what to expect. The average temperatures in Hong Kong in January when the festivals are held is about 65°F and an average of 50°F at night. The rain season is not until spring/summer so you should not need to worry about carrying any extra rain gear and don’t forget your camera! You will have plenty of opportunities to photograph some of the world most exotic locations, cultures and of course firework shows. Plus if you book your stay in a luxury Hong Kong hotel you can take wonderful pictures from your balcony or room window while enjoying opulence. Deciding to travel to Hong Kong to experience the Chinese New Year festivals first-hand is a wonderful choice, let a trusted and experienced Asia Luxury Travel agent make all the preparations for you so all you have to do is enjoy your trip.

Asia Luxury Travel stands for class, extraordinary and absolute professionalism in Asian luxury travel and tour services. An experienced luxury travel agency will apply proven expertise to deliver quality and reliable travel arrangements custom-tailored to every detail of the travelers requirements while providing the most rewarding, enriching, and satisfying experiences of Asia luxury travel. The capacity of the Asian region to deliver quality and luxury travel is already firmly established as one of the worlds fastest developing hospitality markets.

Asia nations have taken a forefront in modern hospitality commerce and can deliver some of the best lesser known luxury travel experiences to rival more trendy western destinations.  Asia luxury travel is quickly becoming a standard for the everyday traveler, business-class and elite travelers the world over. South Asia is well-known for its deluxe tropical resorts, invigorating spas, five-star hotels and unmatched delicious cuisine that’s all set to backdrops of colorful history and culture.

Luxury Asia Travel with Globotours

Luxury Asia Travel with Globotours

Another miss conception when one reads “luxury” is that its expensive. This is not true for traveling in Asia. The average person can afford 5nights, 7nights or even longer in luxury travel to Asian destinations with just a small amount of consideration. For example you can do some online research on destinations, flight dates plus fares, visas and hotels then compare your total with a Asia luxury travel agency, we like Globotours at and cross reference your prices with your agency of choice. You may find that you’ll get more bang-for-your-buck by working with a travel agency all while traveling to Asia in luxury.

Next time your considering traveling to Asia and don’t want to go solo you might consider booking your trip with a premier provider of luxury Asia travel services for the same price and in most cases less than you may have found by planning your trip alone as tour companies can offer deals not available elsewhere or online

Luxury Travel to Tibet with Globotours

Luxury Travel to Tibet with Globotours

If your considering traveling to Tibet but don’t speak the language, are not sure about the required visas or feel generally overwhelmed, this post will help you with some simple tips. Some sites my offer advice on how to plan your trip on your own but this may prove difficult even for the experienced Asia traveler. We recommend that you consider contacting an seasoned Tibet tour agency who has many years experience with providing tour packages to travel in China and Tibet.

One thing you can do is to consider where in Tibet you want to go. Tibet is about 25% of the land mass of China with many attractions and fascinating destinations to explore. Tibet offers amazing routes and breath-taking experiences that can all be included in the right luxury Tibet tour itinerary offered by an experienced tour agency. Tibet has many different types of geography and cultural experiences as well as spiritual. We recommend considering a 15 day tour of Tibet that includes stays all its most memorable locations including Kunming where the breathtaking Shilin Stone Forest is located- Zhongdian and the impressive Tibetan-style Gedan Songzanlin Monastery and and of course Lhasa where the renowned Potala Palace is located, once the living quarters of the Dalai Lama.

After you’ve consider your Tibet tour destinations that matter most to you, contact a luxury Tibet travel agency in your area or online. You may be thinking that you want to travel to Tibet with the agency offering the lowest price, but this is usually not the best agency to use. Not all agencies care about their customers and some arrange itineraries that are dangerous and do not provide enough time to properly acclimatize to the high elevation and cold weather. Most travel permits, China approved travel visas and tours to Tibet can take several weeks to arrange so its best to contact your travel agency as early as possible to ensure that your visas are approved on time. All foreign travelers are required to present travel documents once in China, there are no exceptions.

Tibet travel experienced agency may require a deposit before beginning to process your travel permits. Permits can take several days or weeks to be approved and most travel permits and visas are not free. Most agencies will require you to pay the entire tour balance before finalizing your tour package and as long as the agency is reputable there is no problem paying the entire tour balance before departure. During the weeks before your departure to China and Tibet, consider what you will pack and what attire to wear. The temperature in Lhasa range between 45°F – 75°F in the daytime and 15°F – 50°F at night depending when you decide to visit. Another thing to consider is packing light, so that you’ll have room to fit all the wonderful souvenirs your sure to buy along your Journey of Tibet.

Singapore Airlines Vacations and Globotours

Singapore Airlines Vacations and Globotours

Singapore Airlines Vacations is your passport to experience the history, traditions, charm and elegance of Asian hospitality. Together with Globotours, you can experience the same quality, luxury and service Singapore Airlines offers throughout your entire luxury Asia vacation. Singapore Airlines Vacations offers unique itineraries, luxurious accommodations, exotic tours and an overall experience sure to stimulate the senses and create lifetime memories. Singapore Airlines Vacations destination experts will help unravel the mystique of personally designing your travel adventure.

Destination Singapore

Globotours and Singapore Airlines Vacations offer invigorating all-inclusive luxury get-aways to Singapore. The fusion of contemporary culture and classical Asian history flourishes in Singapore along with exceptional cuisine and world renown shopping make Singapore a destination worth experiencing. Step out the usual vacations and step into one of Globotours and Singapore Airlines Vacations tour packages that include the Singapore Luxury Escape, Singapore and Ankor Wat Discovery or Singapore and Hong Kong to name a few.

Destination Japan

Japan is a country of contrasts offering a myriad of experiences, some futuristic and some tightly tied to Japan’s ancient heritage. Deciding to visit Japan can be one of the greatest travel experience you’ll ever have. Singapore Airlines Vacations and Globotours have several all-inclusive luxury travel packages available all year round. One great tour is to visit Kyoto, a hub for traditional arts, home to exquisite temples, Kabuki, and delicate gardens. A tour of Tokyo will dazzle you as you move from the neon lit Ginza to world-famous sushi markets and hip electronics boutiques. But the true hallmark of Japan travel is the poise and elegant hospitality of its people, who greet visitors warmly at every destination.

More Luxury Travel Destinations

With more than 10 years of experience specializing in luxury tours to Asia, Globotours is proud to be a part of Singapore Airlines Vacations and provide unsurpassed service in planning your next luxury travel adventure. Globotours is dedicated to uncovering the best kept secrets of each destination that are beyond the reach of the solo traveler and ensure that your journey will be one that you will never forget. Globotours and Singapore Airlines Vacations offer destinations beyond Singapore and Japan including the latest Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Summer Special, Frankfort Vacation, Indochina Journey, Maldives Vacation and Vietnam & Cambodia Escape all of which can be found on  Singapore Airlines Vacations together with Globotours is your partner for luxury travel.