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seoul-zooSeoul is South Korea’s capital and also the country’s biggest city. Seoul is among Asia’s wealthiest cities in both culture and economy. Large numbers of tourists visit Seoul every year to enjoy its culture, incredible cuisine and colorful history. The heritage of Seoul is unique from other Asian destinations in many ways and most notably by its fortresses, temples, shrines, palaces and ceremonies. A tour vacation to Seoul offers culture and history but also modern attractions including glitzy shopping malls, multi-media entertainment complexes, spas, golfing, theme parks and more.

One of Seoul’s most popular sights is the 63 Building, once the tallest skyscraper it is now home to the Sea World Aquarium, an IMAX theater, an incredible observation deck, art gallery, a wax museum and restaurants. Travel to Seoul with the whole family and enjoy Seoul Grand Park where all can delight on hiking trails, Seoul Grand Park Zoo, Children’s Zoo, the rose garden, SeoulLand, amusement parks and the Seoul Museum of Modern Art.

Another memorable Seoul landmarks is the Statue of Yi Sun-sin a naval commander, the Gate of Rising Benevolence and the area around the gate known as ‘Dongdaemun Market’ that includes a shopping district as well as several underground shops, stalls and markets. Take a tour to Bukhan Mountain National Park and enjoy views of the valleys and granite peaks and journey to the Pukhan Fortress where more than 100 temples are situated in lush green gardens.

Deciding to travel to Seoul is a wonderful idea and with so many sights to discover and culture to experience why not have a luxury travel company organize your trip. It can be overwhelming to try and find the right airfare, hotel, organize sight seeing and figuring out how to navigate the city but an experienced tour agency can arrange everything for you. Regardless if your traveling with the family or alone, opting to use an experienced tour company will certainly free your time to just have fun and enjoy your trip from beginning to end.


If your a seasoned traveler or are experiencing international travel for the first time, a trip to India is a wonderful choice. And to maximize your tour of India consider visiting some of the more notable destinations such as the Red Fort in Delhi. As you reach the walled city of Old Delhi, the imposing Red Fort to the east will fascinate you with its grandeur and architecture design. Originally, this fort was built by the emperor Shah Jahan in 1648, to served as the residence of the Mughal Emperors and the capital of the Mughals until 1857 but its charm, gardens and beauty will captivate you.

Another fascinating destination is the Amber Fort in Jaipur. Let an experienced India tour company arrange your visit to this imposing and fascinating site. The artful ambiance of this formidable fort is seen within its four level layout where you can experience the opulence palace complex built with red sandstone and marble. Amber Fort’s layout consists of the Hall of Public Audience, Hall of Private Audience, the Mirror Palace and the Sukh Niwas where a cool climate is artificially created by winds that blow over cascading

Beyond the beauty of the Amber Fort is the Jama Masjid, the principal masque in Old Delhi. Build in 1628 its the largest and best known mosque in India. The most noticeable feature of the mosque is its red color as its built from red sandstone. It has eight magnificent domes and the interior is covered in ornate marble. The mosque’s popularity can make it crowded but if you book your visit with an India tour company familiar with the local observances you can keep clear from the crowds.

No trip to India is complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is regarded as one of the new seven wonders of the world and some Western historians have noted that its architectural beauty has never been surpassed. It’s built entirely of white marble and its stunning architectural design is beyond adequate description, particularly at dawn and sunset. When planning a trip to India one of the best approach is to contact an experienced luxury tour company who can organize your tour to India and back, so all you have to do is enjoy your trip.

singapore-food-globotoursA tour of the unique culinary experience found only in Singapore is a great way to experience South East Asia for the first time. Take a Singapore food tour and enjoy new food tasting, look into the history and lifestyle of the Singapore people plus enjoy exceptional shopping in some of the finest clothes boutiques, jewelry, furniture and electronics. If your a seasoned traveler or newly introduced, you may want to book your trip using a tour company. The tour company can book your entire experience and save you the grief of trying to decode your hotel, destinations and transfers.

Take a colorful journey into the history, lifestyle and unique character of Singapore. Walk through the modern Singapore Botanic Gardens, experience bustling enclaves well known for their rich cultural mix, blend with residents from various communities such as Peranakans, Eurasians, Malays and Indians. Experience rows of colorful traditional shophouses dating back to 1920s amidst an area that draws people from around the island for the delicious local food. A culinary tour of Singapore is sure to inspire all your senses and introduce you to a distinguished and wonderful new culture.

A great way to discover Singapore’s famous dishes is to familiarize oneself to the abundant taste on a luxury culinary Singapore tour while you explore the colorful culture and shopping experience of Singapore. Some of the delicious foods you should sample along the way is the Wantan Mee a dry noodle and dumplings dish, or the Chili Crab served in a spicy chili-tomato sauce with mantou buns. Regardless if your taste are conservative or adventurest, you can truly discover how Singaporeans enjoy the local cuisine when you book your tour with an experienced tour agency that knows where to find the best.

Relax and let your luxury Singapore tour guide bring you to exciting and wonderful locations such as the Toa Payoh, Singapore’s most colorful suburban town and Holland Village, a truly bohemian district. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the local arts, carpets, antiques, fashion apparel and so much more. A Singapore Culinary Tour is an experience you shouldn’t miss out!