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A Relaxing Oasis: Review of the Four Seasons Tokyo at Chinzan-so « Vacation Dreams.

Four Seasons Tokyo View

View from our room at the Four Seasons Tokyo

A month after a whirlwind trip to Tokyo and Hong Kong with three of my friends (my first ever trip to Asia!), I’m finally ready to write about my experiences.  From wandering through the bustling neighborhoods of Tokyo, to eating sushi at 9 am at the fish market, to a cable car ride over the ocean and mountains in Hong Kong, the trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget.  Putting myself into credit card debt for a few months to buy the Living Social trip deal was more than worth it.

After spending around 24 hours on planes and in airports while travelling from Boston, we arrived at our first destination, Tokyo. Exhausted doesn’t begin to explain how I felt. I’m not much of a plane-sleeper  (I maybe slept two hours), and although our Singapore Airlines  flight was the nicest that I’d ever been on, I was beyond tired. Little did I know that my return trip home was going to be a million times worse due to Typhoon Vicente…

I was definitely ready for an evening of relaxation and sleep when we arrived at our hotel. The Four Seasons Tokyo at Chinzan-so was a calm oasis in the outskirts of the large, busy city. The rooms were spacious and comfortable, definitely living up to the Four Seasons’ high standards.  We had views of the city’s vast skyline that were beautiful both in sunlight and lit up with sparkling lights at night.  The hotel lobby and rooms were decorated in a classic and elegant Japanese style; the staff was very friendly, formal, and helpful, and spoke English pretty well. Our bathroom was huge and marble, and of course, and had a separate toilet room, which like most Japanese toilets, featured tons of crazy buttons.  The room had free wifi for our phones and laptops, which was a big help for staying up-to-date with work emails and researching places to go or eat.  The only downside of the room was the fact that the hair dryer didn’t heat up. It just blew cold air, no matter what buttons you pressed, making it difficult to dry my hair.

Four Seasons Tokyo pool

Pool at the Four Seasons Tokyo

Located in the middle of huge gardens, at the top of a hill, in a residential section of Tokyo, the hotel was a little difficult to find on our first night.  We got a little lost after a long day of sight-seeing, and what should have been a five minute walk from the metro station somehow took us almost an hour. The gardens outside the hotel are very nice, though.

My favorite amenity was the large indoor pool.  It had a retractable sun roof that warmed the room and added to the hotel’s relaxing atmosphere.  After running around in the humid summer heat from one tourist destination to another, I was happy to spend an afternoon at the pool.  The water was refreshing and the perfect temperature, and the plush lounge chairs were the perfect place to get lost in a book.

After a couple of days at the Four Seasons in Tokyo, we were off to our next stop: Hong Kong. More on that (and my favorite and least favorite places in both cities) later.