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Customized Small Groups and Individual Tours with GlobotoursWhether you want to discover new culture or indulge in extraordinary cuisine, your travel destination tends to depend on what your interest are. When you ask someone “where do you want to travel?” most will answers Europe but quickly followed that with “but I can’t afford it.” What if you could afford to travel to another part of the world and experience culture, foods and arts as unique if not more unique than what you may find in Europe. One of the best kept luxury travel secrets is Asia and Southeast Asia. You can experience five star luxury at a fraction of the price it would cost you to travel to other parts of the world. You can also see more, experience more and travel longer while continuing to save.

For example, you can book a tour with Globotours for a 10 Day Air and Land tour that include taxes and fees, for less than two thousand dollars. When compared to a similar tour of France, including tours and sightseeing, would cost you on average of three times more. You can experience ancient art in Asia such as the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army and the temple complex of Angkor Wat, known for its jungle wonderment. Or indulge in wonderful dinning and shopping in the luxurious cities of Singapore or Hong Kong.

However one does not need to always travel with a tour company that only offers specific itineraries for travel with a group from 20-40 people. you can have your tour tailor-made to suit your interests. For example you would like to visit Angkor Wat but also visit Beng Mealea a less traveled temple site and experience the Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand but can’t seem to find the right tour? Or simply put you want to see what you want to see. A custom tour can be very affordable and in most cases cost very similar to fixed-date pre-made group departure tours, with great exceptions such as what hotel you want to stay in, what pre-fixed tour you want to participate in or not and the level of flexibility you are looking for.

A select few tour agencies are more than able to create a custom tour package around an existing tour or create one specifically to fit your needs that includes airfare, luxury hotel accommodations, hotel transfers and sightseeing. Regardless of what you want to experience, finding and choosing the right experienced tour operator can make all the difference in your journey.


After taking considerable time on reserving airfare, finding a house and pet sitter, the last thing travelers want to be told is that their vacation has been canceled because too few people signed up for the tour. But that’s what usually happens when a tour operator can’t get enough paying customers to cover the cost of a tour. However not all tour operators will leave you stranded at the last minute and some more notable operators have regained the trust of travelers by promising to run certain tours no matter how many people sign up also know as guaranteed departure tours.

Another misconception is that customized tours are more expensive and out of reach for the average traveler. However not all tour operators who Beautiful Tailor-Made Tours at Inexpensive Prices with Globotoursoffer guaranteed departure custom tours charge higher prices for this services and although the cost may be higher the difference is very low and well in reach for the everyday traveler. With that said, one should communicate to their travel agent the expectation that regardless of the cost or participating parties, your tour will go on as scheduled.

Promising that a trip will operate on the dates scheduled helps to build confidence in potential tour guests and although the number of tour operators that offers this guarantee has dwindled since the economy soften, a selected few continue to provide exceptional tours and luxurious accommodations regardless of group size. Globotours in the City of Industry is a notable tour operators who continues to offer all of its tours with guaranteed departures. You can visit Globotours at

Time and again travelers have been disappointed because there were not enough people in a group for the tour to go on. Individual travelers were disappointed because their vacation was canceled, tour operators were disappointed because they lost a trip they thought they had, and travel agents were disappointed because they thought they had a sale on a trip. But this is why offering a guarantee matters at all. It gives travelers peace of mind, knowing that their luxury tour to Asia or elsewhere will go on regardless of the number of participating travelers.

visit the White Palace in Chiang Rai with GlobotoursHave you traveled with a large tour company and enjoyed your destinations and ease of travel but want more? Or you want to have a customized tour package but don’t know how to go about finding the right travel agency to help you? Or feel that a tailor-made tour cost more than a pre-made group tour, when in most cases cost the same. Below we talk about a few tips to help you create a custom tailor-made tour. First and foremost, where do you want to go and when? Deciding on your destination and the time of year you want to visit can help you save time and money. Or did you see a destination of interest on the travel channel and you want to visit this location for yourself?

One very popular destination is Angkor Wat, world-renowned for its unique jungle beauty and rich culture. And perhaps you also want to visit the White Palace in Chiang Rai considered one of the worlds most unique destinations for its all white avant-garde architecture design. The best time to visit this part of the world is nearly all year round, except during the heavy rain season usually from August till October.

With as little as two destinations in-mind you can contact an experienced travel agency who can create a tailor-made itinerary. Not all agencies can create unique tours for travelers especially if its a few travelers or a solo-traveler, however Globotours in the Los Angeles area is able to create unique guaranteed departure, itineraries for virtually anyone in the western hemisphere including the US, Canada and Mexico. Most tour agencies who provide luxury travel to Asia and India would prefer that one consider an existing tour than to take time to create a personal travel experience. But once you’ve decided the travel agency you want to approach for your unique experience, consider a budget and departure date.

Easy Tips for a Tailor-Made Tour 
•    Write down your desired destinations
•    What dates do you wish to travel known as a departure date
•    Your travel budget or class
•    And the total number of travelers

Once you have this basic information contact your experienced travel agent who can guarantee your departure date, otherwise your flight may be bumped or cancelled and start making real travel plans. An experienced travel agent should be able to make all arrangements around your desired destinations including airfare, hotel accommodations, transfers and additional sightseeing leaving you with just one thing to do – enjoy your unique tailor-made tour.