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An asia luxury vacation to Bali puts you on the most visitor-friendly island of Indonesia with white-sandy beaches, world-famous surf, colorful coral reefs, spas and so much more. Since Bali is a tropical destination you can visit any time of the year. Bali still has great topical vacation value, particularly for budget accommodation but also for affordable four-star and five-star resorts. Book ahead to get a great deal on a hotel or book your entire trip including air, hotel and activities through an experienced Bali tour company.


Shopping and Bargains
One of the best things about traveling to Bali is shopping and bargaining in markets is part of the whole shopping experience. Bali offers lots of shopping opportunities from designer clothing to exquisitely crafted gold and silver jewelry and Balinese paintings, masks and woodcarvings are also available and have become collectibles since tourism first developed on the island. Shopping in fixed price shops is exactly like shopping at home but you can bargain at smaller shops and get great bargains.

World-Famous Surfing
Bali is a true paradise with thousands of miles of island coastline receiving powerful waves from the storms of the Southern Indian Ocean, clear warm waters and sandy beaches all make for an ideal destination if your looking to catch some waves. The surfing in Bali was made famous by the movie “The Morning of the Earth” and is now a prime destination to surf. If you’re new to surfing you should book an instructor on the basics of surfing to ensure that you get the most of your experience.

Local Cuisine and Eats
When in Bali it’s safe to try anything that pleases you from traditional to fusion foods. We recommend some favorite few to help you enjoy your luxury Bali tour to its fullest. First up is Jus Alpukat a traditional savory Indonesian style avocado shake made with ice and chocolate and is very refreshing! Gado is a vegetable salad with a delicious tasting peanut dressing that will make you eat every last green. Try the Bebek Betutu a juicy roast duck dish done in banana leafs and is considered a ceremonial dish. Next is the Babi Guling or roast pork, a delicious entree most anyone can enjoy. A signature side dish is Nasi Goreng or fried rice with chili and tamarind spices. And finally for dessert we recommend the Pisang Goreng a delicious fried banana dish seasoned with cinnamon.


Experience the History of Istanbul
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-netTraveling to Turkey is a great way to experience a unique fusion of history and culture that combines classical ruins, Eurasian towns, fantastic rock formations, golden beaches and memorable views. We will explore the very best of Turkey starting with its ancient capital city of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city that is rich in history and historic architecture and state-of-the-art skyscrapers. Bazzars are also an iconic experince of Turkish life, along side unique shops and ancient mosques. One historic site you should experience is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Built by the emperor Justinian in the year 537 AD the building was originally a basilica, then a mosque and now is an iconic museum.

Coastal Life and Ruins of Izmir
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net02Izmir can be crowd-free even in the first weeks of August when historic sites such as Ephesus are full of tourists. You can also enjoy  the terrace cafes for great views over central Izmir and the bay. Once you’ve experienced the Greek and Roman ruins you can enjoy the local village of Sirince, about five miles away in the olive  groves and vineyard covered hills. A number of the older 19th century houses have become beautiful boutique shops and where you can taste locally made wine, olive oil and tasty peaches. A Tour to Izmir is a great way to experience the coastal life of modern Turkey with plenty of historical sites and Mediterranean beaches.

Discover Sardis Ancient Capital of Lydia
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net03Since 1958 Sardis has been an archeological site and the excavations have unearthed perhaps the most impressive synagogue discovered from antiquity, with over eighty Greek and seven Hebrew inscriptions as well as numerous mosaic floors. The discovery of the Sardis sites has re-written previous ideas about the Roman empire. Along with the discovery of the inscription from the Aphrodisias, it provides indisputable evidence for the continued presence of Jewish communities in Asia Minor and their integration into Roman life and the site is beautifully picturesque well worth the visit.

Natural Wonder of Cappadocia
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net04Beyond the iconic city of Istanbul travel to Cappadocia is a must for anyone visiting Turkey. Otherworldly columns of weather-aged rock formations topped with overhangs loom above the scene against a backdrop of valleys and curving cliff sides. Formed by volcanic ash being compressed and eroded into fantastic shapes, the site was turned into homes and dwellings when Turkey was part of the Persian Empire and Cappadocia was famous for its beautiful horses. It is now best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved into the rocky cliffs. Aside form the vast Cappadocian site, you can hike the beautiful landscape, experience a hot air balloon tour and golf one of the world most unique golf courses.

India-Golden-Triangle-Tour-globotours-netGet the Most from your Time and Budget  
India is a large country deep in culture, delicious cuisine and amazing architecture.  Think about what interests you and what you want to experience. The most popular India tour is the time-less India Golden Triangle Tour but you can always journey on the road less traveled. However if you’re pressed for time and budget this quick and fascinating introduction to three of India’s most iconic destinations will leave you feeling fulfilled yet wanting more. Most Golden triangle tours start in Delhi where you can visit Hamayun’s Tomb, the Old Fort and so much more before traveling on to Agra. In Agra you can discover the impressive Fort with its column hallways but the jewel of Agra and arguably all of India is the Taj Mahal. Tour to Jaipur also known as the “Pink City” where you can discover the Amber Fort and the Jantar Mantar complex, a collection of architectural astronomical instruments. Head back to Delhi where you can shop its wonderful bazaars and enjoy the Indian metropolitan life before heading home.

Take Advantage of Slow Time
After spending a full day touring iconic sites and getting around, the last thing you may want to do is take advantage of slow time and although a restful break back at your hotel is probably a good idea, getting out and discovering on your own without your tour group is a great way to find hidden jewels. Seeing your host city slowly is a rewarding way to experience the local culture, plus you’ll be less stressed and gain a deeper understanding of where you are and have more time to build relationships or discover off-the-map places you’ll never forget.

Try to Avoid Large Crowds
In India a traveler may find it difficult to avoid crowds, but you may want to avoid exceptionally large crowds. You can find quiet escapes in local cafes and if you’re in Delhi you can shop in the Sarojini Nagar neighborhood where you can get amazing bargains and food treats. You can also experience local restaurants and boutique shopping that can help your vacation feel more like an India luxury vacation.

Stay Full and Enjoy Local Foods
Unfortunately its common knowledge that you should try to avoid drinking the local tap water and try to avoid foods that may have been washed in it such as fruits. Also you may need to avoid having ice and most salads. You can still enjoy delicious cuisine in local restaurants that wont leave you second guessing yourself including the restaurants at your hotel and if you book your India tour with an experienced India tour company they can help set up several restaurants you can enjoy throughout your trip. Another great option is contacting your hotel’s concierge desk for suggestion on where you can eat.

Keeping Cool
Follow standard methods of keeping hydrated to make sure you enjoy India as comfortable as possible. Always have plenty of bottle water on you as you travel, you may need to carry a back-pack. Dress in clothing made of material that breaths such as cotton, and wear hats or carry a parasol to use when on location. You should also try to avoid eating highly oily foods or salty foods for breakfast or lunch as this will make you feel tired throughout the day. Remember to pay attention to how you feel so you have a good time while visiting India.