Singapore Airlines Vacations Introduces Elite Luxury Travel Packages

Travel to Asia and Europe in exceptional luxury aboard Singapore Airlines award winning air travel and stay in some of the worlds most exclusive five-star resorts and hotels with Singapore Airlines Luxury Vacations. Below we highlight a few of our favorite destinations for the Elite traveler ready to explore Asia, Southeast Asia and beyond.

globotours.netEscape to Singapore and Maldives in Luxury First Class
On board round-trip travel to Singapore on Singapore Airlines’ exclusive A380 Suites Class. Travel to Singapore an ultra modern city that combines modern skyscrapers and ancient traditions this affluent city is a assortment of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences mixed with an inviting tropical climate, award winning food, exceptional shopping and a vibrant night-life scene. Continue on to the Maldives a tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian ocean where fish swim happily in the warm waters, the weather is a dream and the deep rays of the sun wait to embrace you in luxury and relaxation. Click here for complete details.

globotours.netTravel to Thailand a Land of Exotic Encounters with our Business Class Package
Travel to Bangkok, Thailand’s busy capital city where a glittering urban life whirls through floating flower markets, winding among silk peddlers and mixed with mouthwatering aromas from street-cart vendors. Take a ride on a longtail-boat along the Chao Phraya River and its canals where you’ll visit remarkable and iconic temples of this magnificent city. From Bangkok, head to northern Thailand where you’ll visit Chiang Mai located among the rolling foothills of the Himalayan Mountains and at one time could only be reached by an elephant trek. Spend your days in the a traditional  Thai-life way by visiting a natural Elephant Conservation Camp in the lush tropical jungle. Click here for complete details.

globotours.netDiscover Charming Penang with a Business Class Vacation
Penang is well known for being the “food paradise” of Malaysia, a fascinating fusion of Eastern and Western traditions mixed with modern cultures yet Penang still retains its traditions and old world charm. Reflected its harmonious multiracial and well-preserved heritage, one of the shinning jewels of Penang is Georgetown where the greatest concentration of colonial structures in Southeast Asia remains while you enjoy a stay in an executive room at the G Hotel Penang and round-trip travel on board Business class air on Singapore Airlines. Click here for complete details.


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