Get the Most From your Trip to Turkey

Experience the History of Istanbul
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-netTraveling to Turkey is a great way to experience a unique fusion of history and culture that combines classical ruins, Eurasian towns, fantastic rock formations, golden beaches and memorable views. We will explore the very best of Turkey starting with its ancient capital city of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city that is rich in history and historic architecture and state-of-the-art skyscrapers. Bazzars are also an iconic experince of Turkish life, along side unique shops and ancient mosques. One historic site you should experience is the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Built by the emperor Justinian in the year 537 AD the building was originally a basilica, then a mosque and now is an iconic museum.

Coastal Life and Ruins of Izmir
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net02Izmir can be crowd-free even in the first weeks of August when historic sites such as Ephesus are full of tourists. You can also enjoy  the terrace cafes for great views over central Izmir and the bay. Once you’ve experienced the Greek and Roman ruins you can enjoy the local village of Sirince, about five miles away in the olive  groves and vineyard covered hills. A number of the older 19th century houses have become beautiful boutique shops and where you can taste locally made wine, olive oil and tasty peaches. A Tour to Izmir is a great way to experience the coastal life of modern Turkey with plenty of historical sites and Mediterranean beaches.

Discover Sardis Ancient Capital of Lydia
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net03Since 1958 Sardis has been an archeological site and the excavations have unearthed perhaps the most impressive synagogue discovered from antiquity, with over eighty Greek and seven Hebrew inscriptions as well as numerous mosaic floors. The discovery of the Sardis sites has re-written previous ideas about the Roman empire. Along with the discovery of the inscription from the Aphrodisias, it provides indisputable evidence for the continued presence of Jewish communities in Asia Minor and their integration into Roman life and the site is beautifully picturesque well worth the visit.

Natural Wonder of Cappadocia
luxury-turkey-tour-globotours-net04Beyond the iconic city of Istanbul travel to Cappadocia is a must for anyone visiting Turkey. Otherworldly columns of weather-aged rock formations topped with overhangs loom above the scene against a backdrop of valleys and curving cliff sides. Formed by volcanic ash being compressed and eroded into fantastic shapes, the site was turned into homes and dwellings when Turkey was part of the Persian Empire and Cappadocia was famous for its beautiful horses. It is now best known for its unique moon-like landscape, underground cities, cave churches and houses carved into the rocky cliffs. Aside form the vast Cappadocian site, you can hike the beautiful landscape, experience a hot air balloon tour and golf one of the world most unique golf courses.


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