Tips for First-time Travelers to Asia


For most travelers visiting Asia for the first time, the flight spent getting there may mean that you want to experience as much as possible. It’s natural to want to make the most of your first visit and take in as much as you can and we recommend that you visit at least three locations a day, each accompanied by a wonderful meal.  Once your at your destination remember to slow down and take in the iconic locations by taking pictures, video and picking up some souvenirs.

Research Your Destination
Do some research on the locations you wish to visit on your trip by renting books in your local library and researching on the web. Try to not take other traveler’s opinions of what they thought of the destination you’re going to visit, after all wonderful is different for every person. Knowing the history of your destination, why it was built and who built it will make your visit more fulfilling and you can focus on what you want to take pictures of. Learn what you can about where you might like to visit or will be visiting and you can minimize the feeling of being rushed or that you’re missing out on something you would have liked to see.

Get to Know your Destination
Once you’ve landed and checked into your hotel, consider taking a walk around the area a few blocks around your hotel. Walking or biking is a great way to experience the daily life of your town or city. There are a lot of wonderful luxury Asia tour options that can be the perfect way to meet your new destination and once you’ve sampled your location, you can absorbed the local culture more easily throughout your trip.

Plan to Discover
Make sure you leave time in your itinerary and day-to-day schedule to wander around and discover your own unique town or city. Giving yourself time to tour means you’ll be free to discover hidden gems and sights that aren’t on your itinerary. When you leave time to explore and lose yourself in the experience of traveling you wont simply be a tourist but an explorer.

Challenge Yourself and Discover
We all know our comfort zones, foods we normally eat and experiences where comfortable with. You might be the adventurous type, or you might be traveling for the first time and everything seems intimidating. But the entire reason of traveling is to get out of your comfort zone and discover. Try to learn local words and phrases or how to recognize certain words or signs, sample local foods that are exotic to your palate and get yourself unique souvenirs such as local clothing styles and jewelery. Getting out and taking in as much as you can will make your trip to Asia a memorable adventure for your all your senses.


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