Basic Bali Travel Tips

An asia luxury vacation to Bali puts you on the most visitor-friendly island of Indonesia with white-sandy beaches, world-famous surf, colorful coral reefs, spas and so much more. Since Bali is a tropical destination you can visit any time of the year. Bali still has great topical vacation value, particularly for budget accommodation but also for affordable four-star and five-star resorts. Book ahead to get a great deal on a hotel or book your entire trip including air, hotel and activities through an experienced Bali tour company.


Shopping and Bargains
One of the best things about traveling to Bali is shopping and bargaining in markets is part of the whole shopping experience. Bali offers lots of shopping opportunities from designer clothing to exquisitely crafted gold and silver jewelry and Balinese paintings, masks and woodcarvings are also available and have become collectibles since tourism first developed on the island. Shopping in fixed price shops is exactly like shopping at home but you can bargain at smaller shops and get great bargains.

World-Famous Surfing
Bali is a true paradise with thousands of miles of island coastline receiving powerful waves from the storms of the Southern Indian Ocean, clear warm waters and sandy beaches all make for an ideal destination if your looking to catch some waves. The surfing in Bali was made famous by the movie “The Morning of the Earth” and is now a prime destination to surf. If you’re new to surfing you should book an instructor on the basics of surfing to ensure that you get the most of your experience.

Local Cuisine and Eats
When in Bali it’s safe to try anything that pleases you from traditional to fusion foods. We recommend some favorite few to help you enjoy your luxury Bali tour to its fullest. First up is Jus Alpukat a traditional savory Indonesian style avocado shake made with ice and chocolate and is very refreshing! Gado is a vegetable salad with a delicious tasting peanut dressing that will make you eat every last green. Try the Bebek Betutu a juicy roast duck dish done in banana leafs and is considered a ceremonial dish. Next is the Babi Guling or roast pork, a delicious entree most anyone can enjoy. A signature side dish is Nasi Goreng or fried rice with chili and tamarind spices. And finally for dessert we recommend the Pisang Goreng a delicious fried banana dish seasoned with cinnamon.


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