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thailand globotoursBangkok is world renowned as the city of angels and senses. The streets are full of tuk-tuks or motorized tri-shaws with the occasional elephant and the aromas of some of the world best cuisine.  After a day or two in the city, most travelers are amazed that Bangkok has so much to offer for all levels of travelers from the luxury Bangkok vacation to the solo tour traveler, Bangkok is sure to amaze you.

Thai cuisine is world-renowned and is an integral part of Bangkok culture playing a central role in nearly every social engagement. A great way to consider experiencing Thai culture is to go on a Thai cuisine Tour of Bangkok.The city is home to an internationally diverse selection of foods that include all areas of exquisite cuisine to casual dining and available within an equally diverse price spectrum. Some of the best Thai fusion restaurants are where world cultures meet to offer some of the most unique tastes you’ll find.

The number of sights to see in Bangkok are too numerous to name them all. The magnificent Royal Grand Palace’s complex is full of splendid gilded pavilions, bizarre statuaries and is the majestic residence of Thai Royalty. Wat Phra Keo, is the site of the wondrous Emerald Buddha and Thailand’s most sacred icon. Dusit Zoo was part of the gardens of the Chitralada Palace and is now Thailand’s largest zoo hosting a collection of regional animals, as well as rare species like white-handed gibbons and white bengal tigers. If your looking to do some shopping in Bangkok Siam Square is a perfect location.

It is a well-known fact in Bangkok that if you want to know whats ‘in’ shop at Siam Square, where you’ll find dense boutiques, cafes and market stalls selling various apparel, alternative styles and bargain shopping. It’s wonderful to consider taking a trip to Bangkok and maybe your considering the abundant options you have for airfare, accommodations and destinations. The easiest and luxurious way to travel to Bangkok is to contact an experienced luxury tour company who will make all the arrangements for you. The best tour company can arrange a completely customized travel package to fit your travel taste exactly and all you need to do is enjoy your tour of Bangkok, the city of angels.


Hong Kong is not just a city of skyscrapers and traffic but there are also lush countrysides and small culture rich communities. One great location to visit, Victoria Peak is the highest point on the island with world-famous views over the city as well as over the greener southern slopes down into the South China Sea. The colonial history and modern architecture in Central Hong Kong offers a vibrant financial hub with lots of international eateries, bars and you can experience the vast Pacific Place shopping complex. For a little rest and culture, Hong Kong Park is a great place to experience. Its lush gardens, water fountains and a large aviary will amaze you but Hong Kong Park also has a zoo, botanical gardens, fish ponds and so much more.

Other places to consider when visiting Hong Kongis the Academy for the Performing Arts, the Convention & Exhibition Center, Happy Valley Racecourse and the Queen Elizabeth Stadium nearby. Just across Leighton Hill there is the Hong Kong Stadium the venue of the Hong Kong Rugby Seven and other sporting events. Causeway Bay is where Hong Kong goes to shop, its full of trendy shops, lots of delicious foods and abundant urban macau globotours

Beyond the culture, foods and shopping of Hong Kong is the glamor of touring to Macau Known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient”. Macau has 30 plus casinos, of which the biggest is The Venetian Macau. Macau is historically, culturally and economically, one of the most happening destinations in the world offering some the best luxury accommodations and entertainment. Macau is also a curious mix of European and eastern cultures. Some of its more famous locations include the busy Largo do Senado a Mediterranean town square surrounded by famous buildings including the Leal Senado and the church of Sao Domingos . Shopping is also a key element in Macau and St. Dominic’s Market alleyways are full of wonderful goods and exceptional bargains.

Regardless if your visiting Hong Kong and Macau for the first time or returning, one of the best ways to plan your next vacation is with an experienced luxury tour company who can handle all the travel details for you. With an experienced tour agency you can book a single traveler or solo trip, a group tour and even an incentive or club trip to Hong Kong and Macau and at an individual price anyone can afford.

amazing tokyo globotoursTokyo Japan is one of the world’s most exciting cities for all its cutting edge modernism and urban metropolis but also steep in history and colorful heritage that can be admired along side neon billboards. One of the best ways to experience modern Japan is to travel on a luxury tour of Tokyo . Lively neighborhoods and festivals are held almost every day and the people regularly visit local shrines and lovely lush gardens that you will love to visit with your tour. One great destination at the city’s center is the serene and mysterious Imperial Palace – the grand home of the Emperor of Japan, the palace is a tangible and beautiful link to the past.

At first glance Tokyo’s beauty and traditions are not readily apparent. Yet step back from the main roads and you will find yourself in a world of tranquil backstreets, where traditional wooden homes are fronted by neatly clipped bonsai tree gardens; wander with your Tokyo tour beyond the hi-tech emporium and you’ll discover temples and shrines where contemporary Japan dissolve in wisps of smoking incense and strong traditions.

Tokyo’s reputation as an expensive city is not completely true and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable many attractions an experiences are. Cheerful izakaya food bars and casual cafés that serve noodles and rice dishes are plentiful in the metro areas. Tickets for a sumo tournament or a Kabuki play can be bought for the price of a few drinks and many of the city’s highlights are free. Some of these highlights are strolls through Asakusa and the major Buddhist temples including Sensō-ji, visiting shrine Meiji and the trendy fashions available at Harajuku. Other locations to consider are the fantastic fish markets at Tsukiji or the crackling, neon-saturated atmosphere of Shinjuku or Shibuya.

Regardless if you want to visit Japan as a solo traveler or with a group, an experienced luxury Tokyo tour agency can arrange your roundtrip airfare, airport hotel transfers, exceptional hotel accommodations and incredible destination experiences at a fraction of the price of doing it yourself.  Make your trip comfortable as well as luxurious by using an Asia travel tour agency.