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Tour Travel to Singapore is one of the best and most enjoyable methods to experience this exciting city. As soon as you arrive in one of the world’s best destinations, you’ll quickly realize that Singapore is not a traffic-jammed Asian city. Stroll through the fashion emporiums of Orchard Road, walk around antique shops in Chinatown, and take a stroll down any of the dozens of beautiful city parks that have made Singapore a world-renowned travel destination. Few cities in Southeast Asia can boast Singapore’s fascinating culture and overall beauty.

Travel to Singapore and experience the cultures of Chinese, Indian, and Malaysian all at once, as they are set against a backdrop of ultra-modern Western skyscrapers. Not only has Singapore’s history of rich culture and architectural legacy made wandering the streets an unparalleled delight, but it has also created one of the world’s greatest eating capitals.

Food is a national pride – and one sure way to enjoy the utmost amount of culinary delights is to consider booking a Singapore Culinary Tour Package. Sitting out under the stars in a bustling center with a few of Singapore’s signature drinks, while diving into an enormous array of Asian dishes, is one of the best iconic Singaporean experiences. Chicken rice, clay-pot seafood, fish curry, beef rending – the list is as long as it is delicious.

Travel to Singapore in Luxury with GlobotoursAfter a wonderful lunch or dinner, try venturing on a trip to the local boutiques that have made Singapore famous for its extravagant shopping. Once you get past the brand names of Orchard Road, there are bargains to be found on everything from clothes to electronics, and a wide range of art and antique shops that so few Asian cities can match. However, if you think that Singapore is just about shopping and eating, there is more than meets the eye,. Take an adventure through activities such as sea diving, mountain biking, leopard-spotting at Singapore Zoo’s Night Safari, water-skiing, and wake-boarding.  On the other hand, if you want to truly retreat from civilization completely, consider booking a culture Singapore trip to the center of the island where it still retains large tracts of forestry and where you can enjoy the local wildlife and the songs of local tropical birds.

Dining along with shopping is said to be Singapore’s national pastime and the diversity of food is one of the best reasons to visit. A luxury visit to Singapore is a truly a fascinating and remarkable experience. Rich in culture, culinary feasts, shopping and overall civic achievement, there is no other place that can make a traveler feel so privileged and indulged all at once.  Whether you are considering traveling to Singapore alone, with a partner, or with a group, consider contacting a luxury travel and tour company in your area that specializes in Singapore to ensure that your entire journey is organized for you so that all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your trip.


Luxury Tours to Bali with GlobotoursMost of the daily life in Bali may be linked to appeasing the local gods and preserving traditions in the midst of breathtaking panoramas of cultivated rice terraces, impressive volcanoes and warm beaches. Bali is also known for its numerous volcanoes, one being Gunung Agung, which is still active and sometimes explosive and is considered sacred among locals. With its rich cultural traditions and some of the best luxury travel,  Bali can seem like a gem to any adventurer.

Bali’s varied landscape of rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides provide a picturesque backdrop to the colorful and deeply spiritual culture of the island. If you are considering a more leisurely escape, you can tour the numerous temple sites, scuba dive in the global center and shop in Bali’s unique markets. However, if you are looking for a real relaxing Bali luxury vacation, you can simply spend your leisure time swaying in a beach-side hammock.

No matter what your travel style or budget is, there are many options for travelers to customize their luxury dream vacation. Consider getting some great deals on airfare to Bali and accommodation options through a luxury Bali tour company than can book the best island experience that suites your travel needs. Whether you are on the hunt for the best shopping you’ve ever done while on vacation or want to experience exotic luxury for less, Bali can deliver and make you feel like royalty any time of the year.

A visit to Bali means that you are going to stay in one of the most visitor-friendly areas of Asia. There are numerous pleasures for all your senses, whether it be a massage on the beach, a visit to a spa, touring Bali’s historical centers or enjoying delectable cuisines, your luxury tour of Bali is sure to be unforgettable. This includes shopping that will put a smile on your face and a smile on your souvenir recipient, a tour company can put your entire adventure together to ensure that your Bali vacation is an outstanding one.

Travel Bangkok & Chiang Mai in Luxury with GlobotoursBangkok may seem like a labyrinth to new travelers with the sprawling expressways, the new Skytrain and crowded streets, seeming to make Bangkok a difficult travel experience. However Bangkok offers a wonderful and luxurious side that may be just out of reach. If you are looking to travel to Thailand, but don’t know how, think about booking a luxury travel tour to Bangkokwith a tour company that specializes in Thailand. You can take a tour that includes the floating market, Wat Arun and the Museum of the Royal Barges.


Indeed there is a wide variety of sightseeing in Bangkok. The immensity of the city and the chaos of its bustling streets can be intimidating, but if you travel with a tour company you do not need to worry about getting lost, finding your way to your hotel, or locating attractions. Any tour company can offer you hotels and destinations, but a luxury Bangkok travel tour company can book you in five star hotels and arrange the best destinations.


Those who have traveled to Bangkok are quickly fascinated by the array of attractions, including exotic temples, modern shopping malls and a large variety of culinary cuisines. As the county’s economic, cultural, culinary and spiritual capital, Bangkok practically guarantees to please travelers that may be passing through or spending their entire Thailand vacation in Bangkok. Afterwards, travel to Chiang Mai in the north, a city that’s home to more than 300 temples. Browse through several interesting museums and monuments including Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, located at the end of a grand dragon decorated stair flight and perched high on a mountain peak that overlooks the city. Again, contact your trusted Asia luxury travel company to arrange your journey to Chiang Mai and a visit to this impressive Wat or temple.

Following your visit to the culture centers of Chiang Mai, take a stroll down its famous night market set up each evening in the city center and the following day trek just outside the city to enjoy known adventures that includes visiting colorful hill tribes and elephant riding in the lush jungle, all of which can easily be arranged by an Asia luxury tour company that specializes in Thailand. Regardless if you are considering traveling alone or with a group, the best and hassle-free way to go is to book through a tour company, ensuring that all your arrangements are made for you without any ‘lost-in-translation’ problems.

Visit China with Globotours.netPlanning a trip to China can be difficult if your not sure of where you want to go and can’t speak the language but its wonderful that you’re considering visiting China. If your thinking about traveling alone, with your family or with a friend or group – you’ll enjoy every aspect of your trip with the right planning or better yet, with the right tour company. China has so much to discover that one trip may not be enough but the right tour company can help you explore all the right places and select the hotels that offer the best value.

One of the best ways to see China is with a well planned, well organized vacation tour package after all it’s a big decision to go to China and one of the most exotic destinations today.

Visiting China offers the chance to experience very different cultures,  seasons, foods, entertainment and depending on how much time you want to plan your trip, a real life exotic adventure. Consider asking your travel tour company about how the weather may be as there is seasonal travel when visiting China. Also you’ll want to make sure your passport or visa are current and make any necessary inquires before you book your tour. You may need a valid passport for at least six months prior to the time you apply for your travel visa. The Chinese travel visa may take up an entire page in your passport too, just an FYI and obtaining the visa with the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your area may take up to two weeks, so please don’t leave this to the last minute.

Planning your trip to China through a luxury tour company will insure that the company will do all the hotel bookings and itinerary experiences for you, making sure that you’re comfortable throughout your entire visit. You may want to get familiar with Chinese currency before you go so that you’re familiar with the money exchange when buying food, souvenirs and other goodies along the way. Ask your tour company what currency would be best to travel with such as travelers checks, cash or an ATM/Credit card. If you’ll be traveling with children ask your tours company about kid-friendly destinations plus passport, airplane, hotel requirements and any other needs you may have in advance.

Packing can be one of the most tedious parts of any trip but remember to leave some room in your luggage as you’ll probably be picking up lots of treasures and souvenirs along the way. Consider the best packing solutions for your trip and limit what you take so that you don’t pay any extra fees at the boarding gates. Remember to have a great time and to do the most with your experience especially when a China luxury tour company arranges leisure free-time to enjoy destinations on your own.

Ho Chi Minh City still known as Saigon is Vietnam’s center of life and commerce and the country’s biggest city. One of the best ways to visit Vietnam is with a luxury tour company. Fueled by economic changes the country of Vietnam is in the process of re-invention herself. Years of experience with consumer-oriented travelers have made the Vietnamese people wise towards tourism and are now offering luxurious hotels, tourist orientated locations and pressing old near-forgotten skills back into service to challenging Singapore, Bangkok and other traditional Southeast Asian travel destinations.

Luxury Tour Travel to Ho Chi Minh offers fine restaurants, luxurious hotels and great shopping that are quickly making the city one of the best kept secrets of modern Asia travel. A great aspect of Ho Chi Minh is the architecture that has been described as ‘Tropical Baroque’ and the city is full of wonderful destinations, cultural centers and fascinating sights to visit and explore.

Another wondrous destination is Hanoi the city of romance and mellow charm. Hanoi remains one of the best points for touring Vietnam, it provides a convenient base for excursions to visit Ha Long Bay, picturesque Sa Pa and the northern mountains, where you can get away from more traditional tourist locations and sample the colorful life of rural Vietnam. There are also attractions closer to Hanoi that include the Perfume Pagoda set in captivating limestone hills, dynastic temples where Bronze Age Dong Son culture gave rise to the Vietnamese kingdoms and unforgettable shopping.

Some of the best time to visit and tour Hanoi is during the months from October to December when you’ll find warm, sunny days and levels of humidity below average. Another time to consider is from January to March when cold winds from China combine with high humidity give a fine mist which often hangs in the air for days making rural destinations almost dreamlike.

March to April tend to bring better weather for experiencing the electric-green rice farms and rural Vietnam and the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City is in the dry season, which runs from December through April. During the wet season, May to November there are frequent tropical storms, though these won’t disrupt your travels too much it might make a difference if you are not expecting to travel during such conditions.