Looking for a travel quote to use on your travel blog, travel facebook page or just because? These are insightful quotes from our box of travel experience. Jumpstart your wanderlust with these inspiring travel quotes. Some are inspiring or true and  others are just silly.

  1. To Travel is to Expand your Cultural Border
  2. Num num! Why not… num… have Thai food num num… in Thailand!
  3. Explore Cambodia in sunlight, discover Vietnam by twilight.
  4. Discover a New Country. Discover Hidden Beauty.
  5. What’s the Best thing about Traveling? Getting Away from What you Know.
  6. Regard Traveling as a Part of the Mysteries in Heritage
  7. Expand your inner Borders! And your Photo Skills will Follow.
  8. There are two sure ways to happiness, travel and dancing are both of ’em.
  9. Getaway, Get Kuala! (Or any destination)
  10. The journey of discovery consists not in seeking new websites but in having actual journeys.
  11. Use your flier miles to author a new vista on life.
  12. Getaway, Get Thailand!
  13. To Tour is to Discover.
  14. Walk in the footsteps of history. Visit (any destination).
  15. To Travel is To Know Yourself

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